Important Structures That Are Ideal for A Grow Box

1A grow box is a completely or partially enclosed system where plants are raised indoors or within small spaces. They may be used due to lack of enough outdoor space or the longing to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables during cold weather. In some cases, grow boxes are used to protect plants from diseases or pests.

Hydroponic System

Grow boxes can either utilize hydroponics or soil in growing plants. BCNL (BC Northern Lights) uses hydroponics system and depends on a pump system in delivering direct nutrition-rich water to plant’s roots ensuring it grows in a cleaner manner. Rather than plants depending on soil nutrients, the hydroponic-grown plants access mineral nutrients and water directly via the root system. That means, less mess, less hassle, healthier and stronger plants. The crop also flowers sooner compared to plants grown in soil due to the direct contact of the roots with nutrients.


Indoor grow spaces need more light which is used for photosynthesis. Through the process, plants absorb light energy and change it into chemical energy. There is more about the same; however, the relevant point here is that plants grow stronger and faster with more light which must be placed nearer to the plants. The purpose for that is due to the fact that light intensity minimizes if placed far with the object. Whenever the lights are closer, that makes sure that the leaves absorb more light.


Grow boxes need more light, whereby every BCNL box has a ballast – the device that controls the light current to the box. BCNL grow boxes utilize 400W digital ballasts and don’t overheat as they run cooler, and operates silently. Some growers also propose that digital ballasts introduces 10% more light from the bulb as a result of better and more efficient ionization of bases inside the bulb.